This page is for discussions, resources and links that would be useful for teachers new to language teaching and/or who would appreciate linguistic support.

  • Looking for Inspiration - watch this short video from Teacher's TV Absolute Beginners
  • The original KS2 Framework was a fantastic resource to support all teachers in how to structure progression, plan and teach lessons. Every school had a free copy, so if you can't find yours - download it here.
  • Contact your nearest secondary and ask if there is a languages network or group. If not, suggest they start one as part of their Year6/7 transition work!
  • There are also many resources for teachers wishing to improve/learn a language themselves - click here to find out more.

These Schemes of Work are particularly useful for those nervous about their own language skills:
  • Early Start - French, Spanish and German. Very simple with lots of video and audio clips, you can run the whole sow from a disk and / or through an Interactive Whiteboard. This scheme really follows the Primary Languages mantra - 'do a lot with a little language'. There's also lots of Intercultural ideas to discuss with your class in English as well as simple cross-curricular links.
  • Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work - written by one of the authors of the KS2 Framework, this scheme really links with Literacy work and the newest form has the lessons from the paper folder now uploaded into powerpoint format with embedded sound to make it more accessible.
  • Try these ready made schemes based on old QCA topics available here (resources by teachers and members of this site) Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6
  • Explore the Hiltingbury French scheme of work
  • Here is a space where teachers are starting to explore schemes for mixed age classes.
  • Also we have started a table of published resources which have been reviewed by Talkabout members here.

Useful downloads:

Blog: MFL Games - list of quick, simple and free games to play to learn languages, minimum preparation and maximium effect!

Beginning with Sound (how to pronounce anything in French and help your children do the same)
  • Le Manuel Phonique - Like Jolly Phonics but in French. A powerpoint mini-version with soundfiles is supplied on the disc that accompanies Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for Year 5.
  • J'apprends à lire avec Sam et Julie - fantastic little book with page by page introduction to French phonemes and graphemes, with example words, little diagrams showing shape of mouth and simple child-friendly exercises. You can use it with the children, perhaps concentrating on one phoneme for a few weeks or a unit of work, dip in and out occasionally, or keep it for teacher reference.
  • Letters and Sounds - In English of course, but free & all of these games are very useful for practising any language sounds. Moreover you already know how to use this and have either come across it in KS1 or catch-up children in KS2!
  • ABC from Poisson Rouge - Online free site for children. Each letter produces different effects as you click on it - let the children have fun and explore.
  • TicTac - Free online simple alphabet site in French with sounds/pronounciation.
  • Buchstabenübersicht- As above in German.
  • Phonétique- is a comprehensive French site for teachers to use to improve their own pronounciation (whatever their level of fluency) and also to use selectively with a whole class with lots of sound exercises.
  • Spanish Language - a fantastic list of pronounciation/phonic resources for teachers of Spanish.