The following pages will help you teach French from years 3-6 using resources based on the units of the original QCDA Scheme of work

All the resources used have been made or added by teachers to help save others from trawling the internet / redesigning the wheel - thank you everyone for your generosity and please do continue to add any resources you create or discover. It's going to take me a while to do this so do please keep checking back!

CLICK HERE for Units 1-6 Year 3 Scheme of work

Click here for units 7-12 Year 4 Scheme of work

and here for units 13-18 Year 5 Scheme of work

and here for units 19-24 Year 6 Scheme of work

Or you may wish to look at the adaptations we have made to create our scheme of work at Hiltingbury Junior School which we've shared with the resources and constantly update and change!

Polite reminder - If you wish to add a resources or link that you have not made yourself please check that you have permission to do so and remember to credit the original author!