This page is dedicated to collating information, blog posts and links for those looking for partner schools, less formal links with other schools/teachers or full-blown international projects.

Organisations that can help you:

Schools Online free partner finding for schools across the world. Register your school and it works a bit like an online dating service, giving you access to schools of whichever type you are after, wherever you want, who are also looking for partners. You also get links for ideas for projects if you do not have one already, and even some projects you just download and start with your partner. Projects can be for students, classes, whole schools, groups of schools or just for teachers. Links also provided to possible sources of funding.
eTwinning Homepage - like the above but explicitly geared towards those wishing to communicate / exchange using email, powerpoint, ICT etcetera. Has lots of ideas for projects and a new revamped partner finding registration. You do not have to commit when you register either, plenty of time to just think about it and watch what others are doing.

Tools that you might find useful for eTwinning (contacting partner schools using email and internet rather than 'snail mail'!):

  • Wikis - these are very quick and simple to edit webpages which enable you to publish on the internet without lots of technical expertese. Great for showing off your class' work, collaborating with other classes/teachers/a partner school or just explore and join someone else's space.