Resources and Links for Reception and KS1:

  • Le Manuel Phonique - Like Jolly Phonics but in French. A powerpoint mini-version with soundfiles is supplied on the disc that accompanies Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for Year 5.
  • J'apprends à lire avec Sam et Julie - fantastic little book with page by page introduction to French phonemes and graphemes, with example words, little diagrams showing shape of mouth and simple child-friendly exercises.
  • Phonétique- is a comprehensive French site for teachers to use to improve their own pronounciation (whatever their level of fluency) and also to use selectively with a whole class with lots of sound exercises.
  • Spanish Language - a fantastic list of pronounciation/phonic resources for teachers of Spanish.
  • 'La chenille qui fait des trous' - activities and complementary phonics work for teachers planning to use The Hungry Caterpillar from a French School.
  • Scavenger-style game to practise colours from Primary Resources
  • Recomended readers include Elmer the elephant and Toutes les Couleurs

Resources to compliment the minibeast scheme of work developed by Linda