Here are resources made and gathered together by members of the talkabout primary languages website based around the Olympic games for KS2 languages. They were originally developed for 2013 but can easily be adapted or recycled to bring them up to date!

You are very welcome to add your own - you will first need to join wikispaces and then join thie talkabout wikispace. (Pop a message in the request to say who you are please) then you'll have the ability to 'edit' this page - it's VERY easy honest, just click 'edit' at the top right and then write on the page as if it were a word document, and to attach a file click on the icon and it's just like attaching a file to an email. Don't forget to click SAVE and don't panic about doing anything wrong - I have an 'undelete' button I can override it all with!

Olympic class project in French:

draw for the olympic project (any language)

Daily food intake diary for an athlete French:

Instructions for using the food diary

Parts of the body medal challenge in French:

Other resources: