compass.pngPolicies, Planning and related Discussions:

Making the case for Languages:

Checklist for subject co-ordinators (or questions to ask yourself before Ofsted turn up!)

Writing a Language Policy:

Planning and Schemes of Work created by Talkabout members (feel free to add your own):


  • Download an excel sheet (4 pages, one each for years 3 to 6 inclusive) based on the KS2 Framework objectives with can do statements similar to traffic light system and easy for children to self-assess.
  • Download sets of stickers in the style of targeteer (Superstickers) (see rig One sheet per child covers every Framework objective and links in the appropriate NC level - you can see at a glance who has done/not done what by how many stickers they have left:
  • Make sure you have the section from part 3 of the Key Stage 2 Framework for languages which is about assessment.
  • Download a copy of the European Junior Language Portfolio with teachers notes, which is a European Union initiative linked to the Languages Ladder.