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Language & Age




Spanish - KS1 and Lower KS2

Catherine Cheater


File with CD, need to buy the books, Mon Ane DVD & Henri Des CDs separately
French yrs 3-6, Spanish Yr 3 so far..
£150 - £200 inc vat & delivery
Several LAs have bought this in bulk for their schools - and with good reason. The scheme is very 'primary' in feel and gradually builds in progression from phoneme to word to sentence through the use of 'real' books, finger rhymes and lots of authentic materials including exposure to the Impressionists, a French version of Jolly Phonics and plenty of french 'realia'.
However the scheme does not adapt well to complex mixed-age classes - though my whole KS2 group loved the books and we were able to pick out plenty of activities we could use.
As for those new to language teaching - the games in the file are clearly explained and it's easy to just pick up and go, but it can be a little frightening for those not confident on their own language skills to read aloud from authentic French picture books. (Though some LA's have provided soundfiles & ppt versions to help out.)
Training for Learning
ICT training in MFL to primary & secondary teachers in the UK. Specialise in training teachers how to exploit all types of interactive whiteboard as well as using ICT to enhance the KS2 & KS3 frameworks for MFL
Whole of KS2 & many would be fine for KS1 too
£99 for a cd of 100 resources

courses vary
Check out the website for details of training and events at which Wendy Adeniji will be speaking. You can download free samples of the ppt stories & resources from the website in French, Spanish & German with embedded sound.