Blog posts, resources, discussions and links for Spanish

My Languages: Blog by Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages and Teacher of French and Spanish at Primary and Secondary level.
My Languages includes many links through tags and vodpod on the right- hande side of the blog. The tags linking with Spanish include: resources, ideas, culture, blogs, music, video, primary and much more...

Lisa Steven's VĂ¡monos blog is another great source of ideas and materials from a Talkabout member - highly recommended for primary teachers.

Jim is one of the authors of Speekee, an online scheme of work/resource for non-specialists teaching Spanish to KS1 and lower KS2. Have a look at the link to the Speekee website and see what you think - the scheme of work is there, with links to the KS2 Framework, as well as video clips, some great background on Spanish culture and a case study of where the scheme is in use in a Primary school.

Helen has uploaded a huge number of resources to go with her scheme of work La Comida Sana with year 5 & 6 in Spanish & Cultivando Cosas in year 4.





Thanks to Clare Seccombe for recommending
the youtube clip with the dance can be found at
Some storypacks here on Talkabout