Here is a list of books that are fun to use in the primary classroom.

Please feel welcome to add your own favourites and don't worry about completing all the boxes - just whatever you have time to complete will be very useful!
  • You might want to dip in and out of them (a bit like the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work does) or

  • exploit them further, using them to introduce vocabulary or even linguistic structures,

  • or go the whole way and use as the basis for a half term's scheme of work...


Text Level

Sentence Level

Word/phoneme Level


Camille fait trop peur - Jacques Duquennoy

Simple Hallowe'en theme - the characters dress up for Hallowe'en along the lines of 'and tonight I am Fantomella'!
Je suis...
  • car
  • soir
  • names


La chenille qui fait des trous - Eric carle

Life cycle of caterpillar

SparkleBox has a free resource pack here
il avait toujours faim

il a mangé
  • Food
  • Days of the Week
  • Numbers to 5



yr 3

Je m'habille et je te croque!

Wolf gets dressed and comes to eat you! Works in a similar way to 'what's the time Mr Wolf' but with the wolf getting dressed rather than a countdown to dinnertime.
je mets...

mon / ma / mes
  • clothes


La Surprise de Handa
SparkleBox has a free resource pack here

  • fruit
  • African animals
Dear Zoo
A zoo offers animals to a child but they are rejected for various reasons until one is just perfect - good for adjectives and introducing parce que / donc (subordinate clauses)
parce que
je l'ai renvoyé
  • animals
  • adjectives
Bon appétit! Monsieur Lapin.
Rabbit is bored with carrots & asks other animals what they eat, until he meets Mr Fox...(could also link with food chains?!)
Ecole d'Herrin has lots of free resources as a project as does Maternelle de Moustache(click on L for Lapin),
Que manges-tu?

Je mange du/des
  • animals
Toutes les couleurs
A little bunny learns about colours as he gets messy.
Maternelle de Moustache has lots of free resources to support this book, click on C and scroll down

  • colours
Va-t'en Grand Monstre Vert
French version of Go Away Big Green Monster.
Could be used to introduce or reinforce body and colours. At a basic level (KS1), children could just react with known gesture upon hearing known words, moving through to children listening/reading and filling in missing words (selected by teacher.) Older children could adapt story to write their own versions.
(Go away!)

Tu ne me fais pas peur! (You don't scare me!)
  • body
  • colours
  • adjectives
La chasse a l'ours - Going on a bear hunt - great fun & really gets younger kids joining in.

  • choral repetition
  • prepositions
Je ne veux pas aller au lit - part of the Tony Ross 'Little Princess' series.

Blogpost and lots of resources including suggested teaching sequence and flashcards on this.
Little princess doesn't want to go to bed and finds lots of (familiar) excuses until the very last page - when she changes her mind.
Je ne veux pas aller au lit

je veux aller au lit
  • negative statements
  • Je veux ...

There are also several websites with stories to use in different languages:
Try which Mark Purves blogged about recently.