Here is a list of Spanish children's books that are fun to use in the primary classroom.

Please feel welcome to add your own favourites and don't worry about completing all the boxes - just whatever you have time to complete will be very useful!


Text Level

Sentence Level

Word/phoneme Level



Hombre de color by Jérôme Ruillier

- a really powerful & thought-provoking story using simple language this poem based on a traditional African tale works on many different levels.
tengo frio / tengo miedo
  • colours
  • hombre de color...


- Eric carle
The life cycle of caterpillar

SparkleBox has a free resource pack here

  • Food
  • Days of the Week
  • Numbers to 5



yr 3

La gallina hambrienta - Richard Waring & Caroline Jane Church
Hungry hen gets bigger and fatter every day while hungry fox watches and waits - but there is a twist in the tale...
bigger and bigger / more and more
  • simple verbs present tense 3rd person singular
upper KS1 and 3-4

There are also several websites with stories to use in different languages:
Try which Mark Purves blogged about recently.