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TalkaboutMFL if you click the link you'll find a huge list of favourite websites categorised by topic, cross-curricular links, downloadable resources, online games, by key stage, language and keyword - in fact if there is anything you think is missing let me know and I'll add it straight away - or sign up here and you'll be able to edit it yourself!

  • If you have not heard of I really recommend that you sign up for a free account. It is a great way of keeping all your favourite website links together and being able to access them at any time from any computer. Moreover you can share them with colleagues, set up joint accounts and save sites for friends/check out ones they've saved for you.
  • Diigo is also an excellent tool to keep all favourite sites together and access them from any computers. It also has a very interesting and effective social networking feature that enables you to easily find "friends" with similar interests to yours e.g. languages. You can also set up lists of bookmarks to share with specific friends as well as set up groups like Resources for Languages to encourage more effective sharing of relevant bookmarks

Language Blogs that may be of interest:

  • ┬íVamanos! is Lisa Steven's blog, describing her adventures in teaching primary Spanish and experiments with technology, generously sharing everything she learns/teaches along the way.
  • My Languages: Isabelle Jones' blog including links and posts about Languages News, Views, Research and Resources for Primary and Secondary teaching.
  • The Langwitch Chronicles: Helena Butterfield's teacher blog. A Secondary school MFL teacher, Helena has several interesting blogs including one for students and manages to keep it real too!
  • Jan Lewandowski: Jan is an Independent primary languages consultant from Hertfordshire and her blog always has some new, unusual and interesting finds.
  • John Bald is an independent consultant, leading for Hackney. His extensive and informative blog is well worth a peak, particularly if you are interested in Literacy and dyslexia.
  • Marshal Anderson - who is not writing a blog as such, but has a whole website where you can find out more about the work he is doing to create a resource aimed at 'non-specialist' or 'new-to-language-teaching' staff based on the QCA units

If you teach languages to KS1 or KS2 children and have a blog that you would like to list here - please join the wiki and add your name, blog and the link by clicking 'edit page' (then you'll see the usual icons just as you do when you blog)